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Fanis Halivopoulos

Fanis Halivopoulos

MSc Civil Engineer Major in Steel Structures
Volos, Dimos Volos, Μαγνησία
€400 / Ώρα
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• Structural design in concrete, steel and composite structures, experience 31 years. • Infrastructure projects (Water, Stadiums, Roads, Airports, Marine, Utilities) experience 30 years. • Design coordination management, experience 25+ years. • Consultancy and Supervision of projects, experience 25 years. • Design Management and Engineering Management 15 years. • Buildings and infrastructure test & commissioning 12 years. • Project Management, experience 7 years. • Steel structures detailing and production following-up, erection, QA/QC, experience 25 years. • Coordination of design deliverables, management of as built drawings, experience 25+ years. • Interfacing and developing relationships with clients 25+ years. • Photovoltaic installations consultant (field & structures) experience 5 years


Job Calendar Time, Company, Role, Activity and Key Projects Achieved : 2018 – 2022 - Senior Structural Engineer Company : { Louis Berger / WSP }. Role : 1. Ras Abu Abboud 40,000 seat fully demountable stadium as Construction Supervision Consultant. Head of structural department for supervision and quality of concrete foundation and all-steel1 CURRICULUM VITÆ ARISTOFANIS CHALYVOPOULOS structure of the stadium erected with full demountability concept. Design review and works supervision follow-up. Supervision and following-up of the steel fabricator in DDC Vi t Nam. ệ Disciplines : Structural, Infrastructure, Civil works. 2. Qatar Children Museum, in structural design review for Qatari Museums Authority. 2017 – 2018 - Engineering Manager Company : { Tozzi-Ramsis – ALBA/Bechtel Potline 6 Construction - Bahrain }. Role : Engineering Management and Construction, Following-Up of buildings construction for ALBA/Bechtel Potline 6. Precast elements (foundations, columns, beams, slabs, pot supports) and Steel structures for two buildings 1.35 km long each plus facilities and erection of adjacent premises. Disciplines : Structural, Electrical, Infrastructure Civil works. 2016 - 2017 – Design Manager Company : { Fujita Corporation – Doha Metro Project – Metro Depot 1 (DT.RSD) – Red Line Depot & Stabling Yard (SY.RST) - Green Line Stabling Yard }. Role : Doha Metro, Design Management and Construction Supervision of Red Line Depot and Green Line Stabling Yard. 35 buildings, infrastructure and external works following up in Architectural, Structural and MEP disciplines. Interfacing with Design Consultant and Subcontractors. Projects achieved : • All depot buildings design management both for Red Line (18 buildings) and Green Line (17 buildings), external works (roads, and infrastructure). 2013 - 2016 – Head of Structural Design, Structural Design Manager Company : { Associated Consultants Engineers (ACE) Int’l & Partners LLC – Oman – Sir Frederic Snow Branch }. Role : Staffing of Design Department, Architectural Design, Structural Design, Design management, Supervision, Consultancy mainly in buildings and infrastructure, QA/QC, Test and Commissioning plan, process and documentation. Projects achieved : • Oman Royal Office water reservoir (1,200 m3), pumping station and relevant utilities including RC structures and steel structures. • Oman Royal Police water reservoir (4,000 m3), pumping station and relevant utilities, all underground. • New International Airport of Muscat – Oman. Baggage Handling Systems steel structures, design revisions, supervision (Red FIDIC) and quality control – ACE Oman Intl. & Partners LLC in cooperation with Van der Lande Constructions. Test and commissioning plan and process. • Bandr Khairan Louis Vuitton resort construction consultancy. Bungalows, Restaurants, Beach installations, Power supply and chilled water factory / piping installations. 2012 - 2013 - Project Manager / Sr. Structural Engineer Company : { Akbari Architects Manama-Bahrain }. Role : Project Management, Structural design, Design management, Supervision, Consultancy, processes and documentation. Projects achieved : • Steel structures composite design for houses in Al Durrat Bahrain with facilities and service connections. 2 CURRICULUM VITÆ ARISTOFANIS CHALYVOPOULOS • Three new restaurants compound in Al Seef district in Manama – Bahrain. Steel structure and composite structure design. Erection management and supervision. • New shipyards installations and premises in Isthmian Greece – concrete and steel structures design, foundations and earthworks. • Civil and structural works coordinator for residential and sports works sites in Bahrain. • “Ibn Al Haytham Islamic School at Maqsha’a” premises construction in Manama Bahrain. • Galali residential area with structural works and infrastructure development including roads, water supply and sewerage network in Manama Bahrain. • National Stadium renovation, seats for 30,000 spectators, works for Gulf Cup Matches in Manama Bahrain including stands supporting structural works, new stands extension, new entrances, new VIP protected area on-stands-housing, new water supply, wastewater network and connections to the new premises. Project management, design management, handing over process. • Project management, design and following-up of Al Khalifa Stadium, seats for 20,000 spectators, extension of stands, renovations, new entrances, new power distribution external building, new TV utility building and services extensions structural works, new VIP protected on-stands-housing, and water/sewerage connections in cooperation with TERNA Contracting WLL in Manama – Bahrain. Handing over process. • Concrete and steel structure design for extensions in cereal mills factory in Greece. 2010 - 2012 – Managing Director – Owner Company : { Individually in my office and in cooperation with different companies, contractors and design offices inland and abroad }. Role : Clients and Stakeholders liaison, Engineering Consultancy, Structural design in steel, concrete, composite, drafting, detailing, specifications issues, quality control, methodologies and project management, process and documentation. Projects achieved : • “PCT Logistics” 7000 m2 building in Piraeus on the behalf of Greek-Chinese (COSCO) port joint venture. Handing over process. • New main entrance canopies in Ikonion entrance of Piraeus port. • Multistory residential building of Vardas development in Nicosia, Cyprus. • Renovation and extension of Mills in Korinthos. • New extension design of galvanizing plant installations in “Cromet” steel industry in Katerini. • Design in concrete and steel of 8,000 m2 of cement products warehouses in Kozani. • New sewerage network and water treatment in the expansion of the first industrial area of Volos – Greece including water supply, reservoirs, trench works, manholes and pumping stations. • Design and detailing management of Apiai Cement Industry for filters building in Brazil. Tendering package, handing over process. • Renovation design of cinema hall in Volos and roof photovoltaic installation. • Optimization of steel joints and welding procedures for Cyprus marine natural gas duct project. Total ducts bearing system design and optimization. Methodologies for construction. • Design in concrete and steel of 12,000 m2 of warehouses for port authorities in Mesaieed, Qatar. • Photovoltaic field installation in central Greece 100 MW. 3 CURRICULUM VITÆ ARISTOFANIS CHALYVOPOULOS • Optimization of industrial structures and production space of “Gulf Steel Industries” in Sohar, Oman. • Feasibility study of contracting agreement of new project Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center in Athens. Methodologies for construction and project coordination by tenderer’s side. 2006 – 2010 - Steel Structures Design Management, Head of Structural Design Company : { ΜΕΚ S.A. – 1st industrial area of Volos, Greece - Steel structures industrial fabricator and contractor, production capacity 4,000 tonnes/month }. Role : Staffing of Technical Department for incoming bidding projects (domestic and international). Responsibilities : Structural design, design management, detailing and drawings management as well as following up the in-shop production process and quality control according to client's specifications list. Liaison and cooperation with other designers’ technical staff. Project management of erection of constructions in cooperation with main contractors, with major private and public infrastructure projects inland and abroad. Projects achieved : in Greece : • SOVEL plant new building scrap processing unit (6,000m2) with crane-bridges (2x50t). • Steel structure of hotel “Xenia” in Ioannina. • ALDI logistics center in Sindos (90,000 m2) with cold stores and infrastructure for railway transportation facilities. Handing over process. • IKEA – Kifissos Branch, Athens, Steel structures fabrication/erection project management. • Multistorey (G+6-storeys over ground level and 6-storeys of underground levels using the “top-down” method) car parking in Volos. • Raw material warehouse of AGΕΤ-Lafarge in Volos (5,500 m2) with infrastructure (piles foundations, rails laying and welding for high weight feeding machinery). • Addition of conveyors structures (bridges & towers) in AGET-Lafarge plant in Volos. • Piraeus Port – New premises, 200t containers cranes rails construction as well as internal rails for moving. Test and commissioning plan and process. • Containers cranes infrastructure in Pier 2 (Piraeus Port) – total length of rails (A100) ~ 10 kilometers – thermal welding on site, methodology, supervision and quality assurance. Test and commissioning plan and process. • Piraeus Port – Pier 2 – Renovation of administration existing building with addition of one internal composite floor. Piraeus Port – Pier 2 – Renovation of main entrance gate in administration building. • Remodeling of the existing Olympic premises to mall in Athens including all service networks, manholes and new connections for water supply and sewerage network. • New meat-processing plant in Igoumenitsa with food processing department workshop and cold store spaces, including the steel structures and the bio-waste and water treatment process plant with all piping and trenching. Abroad : • Warehouses and logistics of “Delta – Nestle” dairy companies - 5 buildings – 6,000 m2 each - (Romania). Structural design and water reservoir, local sewerage connections and 4 CURRICULUM VITÆ ARISTOFANIS CHALYVOPOULOS rain water treatment and disposal. Erection project management. • Multistorey office building of PBT company (2U+G+15-storeys – composite construction) - Bucharest, Romania. Connections design (seismic dissipation and overstrength design), erection project management. Tendering, test and commissioning plan and process. 2003 – 2006 - Head of Structural Design, Design manager, Detailing Manager, Supervision, Project Manager Company : { HelCon – LKM ABETE, Athens, Greece - Engineering, Design and Contracting company }. Role : Structural design in steel and detailing management. Issuing of specifications list to be followed by the fabricators. Liaison with clients and clients' technical teams. In the majority of the projects the project management and supervision was bundled. Test and commissioning with plan, process and handing over. Projects achieved : • “Fialoplastiki” building (4,000 m2) plastics industry (Oinofyta). Design and erection project management, MEP, landscaping. • “Kosmopoulos Trans” logistics (5,000 m2), (Aspropyrgos). Design and erection project management, MEP, landscaping. • Dairtzes-Kritikos Newspaper multistory warehouse (7,000 m2), (Athens). Design and erection project management, MEP, landscaping. • ELPE Oil & Gas, (Greek Oil Refinery Installations) new multistorey pipe racks (Athens), reactors and towers, following international standards. Design and erection project management. • Anastopoulos & Co Paper Warehouse (Koropi). Design and erection project management, MEP, landscaping. • “Moles” Logistics Attiki Odos (Roupaki). Design and erection project management, MEP, landscaping. • Food processing plant RILA A.G. (Filiatra). Structural design and water disposal after local treatment. Design and erection project management, MEP, landscaping. • Multistorey offices building in concrete with 3 underground parking storey in Athens. Design and construction supervision. • Multistorey residential building in Athens (1U+G+6-storeys). Design and erection project management. • Fish processing plant in Messologhi with waste water treatment and disposal unit. Design and erection project management. • Erasinion Hospital in Athens, structural and infrastructures design and supervision. Test and commissioning plan and process. 2002 - 2003 - Head of Structural Department, Design, Drafting and Detailing Manager Company : { General Mechanics, K. BALAFAS Constructions Company – Lamia industrial area }. Role : Structural design in steel, detailing management and specifications' adaptation as well as production flow control. Design team coordination. Process, documentation and assistance of PM. Liaison with clients and clients' technical staff. Test and Commissioning at metro project and Olympic Games projects. Projects achieved : • KOSMOPOLIS multistorey residential and commercial complex (Komotini). Composite 5 CURRICULUM VITÆ ARISTOFANIS CHALYVOPOULOS structure design, coordination with construction manager and steel fabricator workshop, new peripheral water supply and sewerage system with connection to the main network. Internal roads and traffic connections works. • Divani's dairy industry in Trikala including also treatment and disposal works of treated effluent. Design and supervision. • CHIPITA premises (Lamia) and new Delivery Centres (Larisa, Patra) plus waste water treatment units and disposal works. • 48 THE RESTAURANT new multistorey building and renovation of the existing exhibitions premises including infrastructure works (Athens). Composite design and project management. • Athens St. Nicholas metro station renovation, new steel canopies, foot bridge with elevators installations. Design and test and commissioning process. • New metro stabling yard / workshops in Neon Faliron installations with Depot area, design and test and commissioning of all the works constructed. • Athens 2004 Olympic Games constructions in concrete, steel or composite referring to stadiums covering structures, railways/metro stations renovations, composite traffic bridges and utilities premises. 2000 - 2002 - Head of Structural Design Department - Thin Gauge Steel (PEB) Constructions Consultant Company : { KONTI Steel Hellas S.A. (Contemporary group name Arcelor-Mittal) }. Role : Management of engineering design department supporting sales department and clients. PEB - Thin gauge cross sections elements structural design and detailing design team management for rural, industrial and crafting buildings (~240 no.), installed across various industries and multiple countries (Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia-Montenegro, FYROM, Turkey). Projects achieved : • Livestock / Logistics and warehouses (Switzerland, Austria, Germany). • CERN utilities warehouses buildings (Switzerland). • Coca-Cola Delivery and Distribution Center (Romania). • KontiRom thermo panel production factory (Romania). • Hyundai dealership and maintenance (Romania). • Intrarom Company office extensions (Romania). • INTERGAMMA frozen areas and warehouses (Bulgaria). • STELLA Brewery (Albania) with water treatment and disposal. • ATERSAN SA Shoes industry (Izmir, Turkey). • TopArt Manufacturers (Montenegro). • Nova Vest food frozen areas (Montenegro). • POLIMARK food industry (Belgrade). • Enipex industrial buildings and warehouses (Čačak central Serbia). • A-Specijal building products industry (FYROM). 1999 – 2000 - Head of Structural Design, Detailing and Drafting Manager Company : { VEMEKEP S.A. - Steel Constructions Industry }. Role : Staffing of design and detailing department for steel building construction and industrial works. Fabrication process follow up and specifications adaptation. Liaison and coordination with clients' technical team. 6 CURRICULUM VITÆ ARISTOFANIS CHALYVOPOULOS Projects achieved : • SHELMAN company warehouses, Komotini, Greece. • CORINTH PIPEWORKS S.A. new investment, Thisvi, Greece. • HELLENIC AIRFORCE – F-16 motors testing buildings and installations, Tanagra. • Renovation and extensions in existing cigarettes industry of Papastratos (Pireaus). • Renovation and new project for VEMEKEP future premises production expansion. 1998 – 1999 - Sales Engineer, Sales Department of Steel Products for Construction Company : { KONTI Steel Hellas S.A. (Contemporary group name Arcelor-Mittal) }. Role : Sales Department of products to steel construction works. Creation and staffing of Projects' Design Deptartment for PEB using light gauge profiles. Projects achieved : • Innovative market opening to thin gauge products for use in construction. • Steel coil (raw material) coating line industry new buildings of KONTI (Velestino). • Audi-Volkswagen dealership / maintenance building (Bucharest). • SARMED and INTRAROM warehouses in Romania. 1997 – 1998 – Sales Engineer and Technical Department Manager Company : { METALLOTECHNIKI TRACHANAS S.A. Company, Athens, metal doors and fireproof doors industry }. Role : Sales and Technical consultant, liaison with contractors and clients, installation supervision. Projects achieved : • Lavrion plant PPC (Greek public electricity company). • Megalopolis plant PPC (Greek public electricity company). • Kalamata Public Hospital, sales, EPS, supervision. • Chania Public Hospital, sales, EPS, supervision. • Ministry of Transportations new building, premises and infrastructure. 1989 – 1997 – Managing Director – Office Owner Responsibilities : Private and Public Projects Engineering, Buildings Design, Supervision, Project Management, Quality Control, Quality Assurance. Activities and Key Achievements : • Liaison with clients, stakeholders and authorities. • Cooperation with other companies’ technical staff. • Design, Permissions / Approvals / NOCs / Authorities liaison and following-up. • Specifications, Methodologies, Project Planning, Laboratory tests procedures. • Supervision of all stages of projects until handing over. • Quality control and Quality assurance issuing all the reports and certifications for each stage of the project. Public and Municipal works in Magnesia District achieved : • Maintenance of Volos municipality of 5 educational compounds. • Alexander Papadiamantis' residence-museum (120 years old) refurbishing in Skiathos island (Renovations and seismic anticipation operations). • Construction and supervision of new sewerage network and buildings connections in 7 CURRICULUM VITÆ ARISTOFANIS CHALYVOPOULOS Skiathos island (trenches, piping network, manholes, pumping stations and installations). • New water supply project in Skiathos island. • Extension of sewerage of the City of Skiathos Island including trenches, piping network, manholes, pumping stations and utilities. • Supervision of Alonisos port extension – marine works. 1989 - Establishment of Civil Engineering Office, Volos – Greece A. Chalyvopoulos Owner & Managing Director Main Targets and Responsibilities : • Civil Engineering and Consultancy Office • Design of new buildings – Residential, Industrial, Hospitality, Public use, Defense, Infrastructure. • Renovations • Refurbishments • Supervision – Resident Engineer to private, public and military projects. • Project Management 1986 – 1989 - Hellenic Air Force Service (mandatory) {Service in Technical Corps – Secretary of premises and infrastructures engineering } • Engineering and maintenance of helicopters and light airplanes. • Renovation, maintenance and supervision of military premises works, including structural, hydraulics and infrastructure. 1978 – 1981 - Placement Projects during BSc studies – mandatory experience schedule. Company : Hercules Donas road construction company, Athens 1980. • Roads paving, widening, junctions, construction and infrastructure. • New provincial roads construction applying design provided by public authorities. • Side works as drainage systems and relevant infrastructure. • Supervision and workshops coordination, liaison with authorities. Company : N. Tsoukis - Technical design office, Athens 1979. • Final design level of road construction geometry in horizontal and vertical planes, earthworks. Company : Altigos Hydraulics Design Office, Athens 1978. • Irrigations, residential settlements water supply networks up to final design. Residential sewerage systems. • Dams and earthworks calculations.


1981 – 1986 Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) MSc Degree - Polytechnic school – Department of Civil engineering.

1977 - 1981 Technological Educational Institution of Athens (Athens KATEE / TEI) BSc Degree of Civil engineering on transportation and hydraulics works.

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