Lykourgos Chiniadis

Athens - Attica

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Ph.D (candidate) in Protein Crystallography Agricultural University of Athens
M.Sc. in X-ray crystallography Agricultural University of Athens
B.Sc. in Chemistry National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Introduction to Biomolecular modelling and Molecular dynamics in HPC (Classical and Quantum), (PRACE training) Greek Research and Technology Network – Networking Research and Education
VI-SEEM National dissemination event: Hands on workshop on MD biomolecular simulations and modeling Greek Research and Technology Network – Networking Research and Education
9th Course Biophysics and Structure to Counter Threats and Challenges International School of Biological Magnetic Resonance


Ph.D candidate (final year)-Protein Crystallography and Dynamics of protein-ligands complexes National Center of Science and Research "Demokritos", Athens, GR I work in protein crystallographic analysis of model proteins and anti-cancer drugs complexes. Also a part of my thesis involves Structure based drug-design in aminopeptidases by means of
screening ZINC databases and exploring their energy profiles and crystallographic resolution of the best hits.
Research Assistant at Department of Biotechnology, Laboratory of Physics Agricultural University of Athens I worked in protein crystallography and in molecular dynamics of human Glutathione S-transferase-drugs complexes. Especially I was involved in purification and crystallization of these complexes, and in structure solution and molecular dynamics performance and analysis (AMBER). Also I worked in resolving X-ray structures of small molecules such as β-cyclodextrin/drugs inclusion compounds
Research Assistant (High Performance Computing Europa-2 studentship) Barcelona Supercomputing Center I worked in research in protein-protein interactions using High Performance Computing.
Research Assistant University of Firenze, CERM I was trained in expression and purification of proteins in bacteria. I was trained in acquiring and analyzing 2D and 3D NMR spectra towards the determination of protein 3D-structures.
Research Assistant (Erasmus student) University of Reims, Champagne-Ardennes I worked in FT-IR and 2D-FTIR spectral acquisition and analysis of Human Serum Albumin/drugs (natural products) complexes.
Research Assistant (undergraduate thesis) National Hellenic Research Foundation I worked in FT-IR and FT-Raman spectroscopy of photoinduced coatings.

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